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Business consulting that suit your needs


Sound internal controls, compliance to the reporting and operating requirements of the statute, disclosures to the stakeholders and identifying the weak spots in entity are prime concern to every CFO. Our audit and assurance services are solution to all these challenges in a very crisp manner. Whether it being statutory audit, internal audit, due diligence, management audit, information system audit, compliance audit or audit recommended under any law; our audit and assurance team makes it very hassle free and convenient solution for you.


Complicated calculations, lengthy data and sheets, mind twisting provisions, all come to mind when you think of word TAX. Our tax experts love to crunch on numbers and can address to your daily tax worries very efficiently. Our ambit of tax solutions include direct and indirect taxation for which we have business need oriented approach as we believe all fingers are not the same.


Perplexed situations do arise in every venture where we need some expert and wise hand to follow and sail through. In a business the advisory and consultation is need of every CFOs, Mangers or Employees then and now, where our team offers you customized solutions to your dilemmas ranging from finance, operations, business management to research & development, training of staff and many more. 


Thought of starting a new business is very exciting and full of enthusiasm and energy, but all these comes to rest in the web of various forms of entities that can be formed and all the registration procedures you need to go through. Here we understand the nature and style of your business from multi angled approach and provide you the best formation suited to your style and business. The ample options available include proprietorship, one person companies (OPC), partnership, limited liability partnership, private companies, public companies, subsidiaries and wholly owned subsidiaries, consortiums, associations, non-profit entities and the list is never ending.  


Money is like blood for every business which needs to flow appropriately for healthy and sound business environment. For achieving this effective management of receivables and payable is necessity for every business. We offer our services to manage your accounts receivables and payables, with complete bookkeeping and accounting outsourcing solutions also, so that you can focus more on your core business, make it cost effective and start new ventures quickly.


Dedicated, committed and motivated team is core asset to any successful business. The level of perfection and outcomes that you expect them to deliver somehow becomes standard for you when it comes to managing their salaries and perks. Our accurate, timely and end-to-end support for your employee’s payroll help you stand to their expectations. Our responsive query management solution simplifies the process of answering employees’ queries, be it salary, leave, reimbursements or tax declarations.

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